As a life coach I specialize in helping people break away from the stress and frustration of saying yes to the wrong things by developing a strong internal guidance system.

The world presents you with innumerable options and, let’s face it, many of them sound amazing! It can be overwhelming to sift through them all and decide which ones will actually benefit you.

Examples include the “limited time” offers that make you feel like you’ll be missing out if you don’t jump on them, or work that isn’t really in your wheelhouse, but you need to pay the bills, right? Or maybe the “you deserve it” message got you at just the right time and you bought a shiny new toy you later regret.

Stress, overwhelm, indecision and regret are unpleasant emotions and they are guaranteed to come around when you’re reacting to external influences without a strong sense of what’s really important to you.

During this workshop:

• You’ll be guided through a proven coaching exercise that helps you identify your top 5 personal values.

• We’ll discuss how you can change behaviours that aren’t working for you.

This workshop is for you if you:

• feel unfulfilled and aren’t sure what you want

• can’t seem to say no to others (even when you really want to)

• have been trying to live up to other people’s expectations

• feel disconnected from yourself because you’ve been taking care of everyone around you and neglecting yourself

• are at a crossroads in life and are unsure of the right direction

• are experiencing a mid-life crisis and need to recalibrate

• procrastinate making decisions or taking action because you doubt yourself

“That hour and a half will change how I do things going forward.”

Robyn, Entrepreneur

“I would recommend this workshop to people who are feeling that cognitive dissonance between how they're living their life and how they want to be living their life.”

Sharon Cohen, Entrepreneur

I would recommend this to people who are starting their own business, are at a turning point, or feeling stuck and need a little nudge that propels them forward.

Deborah Marcia Rubin, Yoga/Breath Instructor


to say NO to being pulled in 50 different directions and HECK YES to calm, clear-headed decision-making that feels good.

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