In our society, the idea of limits is generally frowned upon. Limits = bad. Freedom = good. Just think of how many ads tout the “life without limits.”

But a limit can actually set you free.

I was thinking about this the other day and the idea of an audio limiter came to mind.

In simplified audio recording terms, a limiter is a mechanism that stops sound distortion. It’s used in the mastering process after music has been recorded and mixed.

A limiter is the final tool a sound technician uses to fine tune an audio recording for clarity and loudness. Without it, your favourite band’s latest release wouldn’t sound as good as it does.

Let’s apply this principle to people. Say the information and opportunities coming at you each day are an unmastered recording. If you don’t have a way to compress the signal to a manageable level, you can get overwhelmed by the volume and variety of messages.

But your life isn’t an audio recording. So how do you limit the input?

You use your internal limiter: personal values.
Personal values are essentially what’s most important to you in life. For many people things like family, community and charity rank at the top. For others, career success, financial independence or wisdom is their #1 priority. There are at least 100 different values for you to choose from. And it’s important that you choose.

Identifying and choosing to live according to your personal values is a powerful way to ensure clarity in your life and ease the constant question of whether your choices are the right ones.

When you know clearly what you do and don’t want in your life, decisions become much easier because you have set limits for yourself. Good limits.

If you’ve never identified your top values or if it’s been a while since you last did it, I invite you to explore my Discover Your Values workshop.

-You’ll be guided through a proven coaching exercise that helps you identify your top 5 personal values.

-You’ll have a simple system to help you make decisions that feel right for you.

-You’ll be able to identify characteristics and behaviours that are (and aren’t) in line with your values.

-You’ll learn an exercise you can repeat any time to re-evaluate your values as you grow and change in life.

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