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Do you find yourself wishing a fairy godmother would sweep in and alleviate all the stress, overwhelm and loneliness you feel, make your ex more agreeable and maybe even sprinkle a little magic fairy dust on your bank account?

I know what that feels like and I also know she’s not coming…and that’s a GOOD thing.

Who wants to sit around waiting to be saved by someone? It’s all very damsel in distress and you’re NOT a freaking damsel in distress! You’re a kick ass mom who can feed the baby while studying for an exam, who can get more done in 30 kid-free minutes than most people do in 2 hours. You are a POWERHOUSE!

So why don’t you FEEL amazing? Because as awesome as you are, this is a tough job and there’s no training manual for it, no playbook that tells you how to deal with the tough situations that arise or the stress that rarely goes away.

The trouble is that when you’re in it by yourself, it’s difficult to see the possibilities. You don’t see how you can STOP feeling tired, depleted and last on your list of priorities, and START feeling like a powerful woman who’s building the life of her dreams, brick by brick.

I felt like this a lot in my first few years of being a single mom and that’s why I decided to create the Successful Single Mom Playbook Program.

I wanted to create a Program AND a Community in which single moms would feel supported and understood and have access to resources to make this whole experience easier. Something that would help us blast through the stereotypes society wants to put on us. Something that would help each of us to be the mistress of our destiny!

If that sounds like something you need and want, check out what we’ll be doing in the upcoming pilot. This is your opportunity to both co-create a powerful new community and get a great deal!

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“The Successful Single Mom Playbook” is a coaching program that will address some of the most pressing problems single moms have told me they are struggling with (and that I’ve struggled with too).

Do these scenarios sound familiar?

• You feel alone because your friends and family—wonderful as they are—don’t understand what you’re going through.
• House chores pile up because you prioritize time with your children and then you’re too tired to do the dishes or fold the laundry
• You say yes even when you want to say no because it’s what you “should” do
• You are frustrated with the behaviours of your children’s father and wish he’d be more agreeable and see how wonderful his kids are

Through a combination of instruction and group coaching, this program will help you with these scenarios and more.

And this is your opportunity to take advantage of one-time only pilot program pricing.

We will cover things like:

• How to change your relationship with your children’s father

• The secret to creating an amazing support team so you stop feeling so alone

• The Single Mom Self-Care System that gives you what you need AND helps you better meet your kids’ needs

• How to say “no” and feel great about it

This online program will feature live 1 hour calls once a week for 5 weeks.

Course regular price $597


1. Affirmations that actually work ($50 value)

2. Develop Your Internal Guidance System Workshop ($47 value)

3. A community of people who can relate to your experience and who you can rely on (priceless)

Total value $694


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The first 5 people to register get a 60 minute 1-on-1 coaching call ($150 value)


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