Take the Single Parents' Kickstart to an Empowered Life Course

Make real change in your life in 15 minute increments using this 5-video + playbook course

Learn how you can go from:

• Feeling stagnant
• Wanting change but lacking a clear vision for the future
• Limited motivation
• Unhelpful or counterproductive habits
• Putting everyone else ahead of you

To having:

• Renewed optimism for the future
• A life vision that inspires you
• Clear understanding of why you want that future
• Supportive daily habits for real, sustainable progress
• Unwavering commitment to your new life

Change the trajectory of your life using 5 Empowerment Principles:

Session 1: Mindset – Take control of your thoughts

The first step to changing your reality is realizing that you have the power to change it. As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” On Day 1, you’re going to begin writing a new, empowering narrative for yourself.

Session 2: Vision – Paint a clear picture of the life you really want

Imagine you want to go out to eat, but you don’t decide what kind of food you want, opting instead to just stop at the first restaurant you see. What are the odds you’re going to be satisfied with your choice? Many of us are living life this way, failing to consciously choose what we want and then being disappointed with what we get. Learn how to break the pattern, choose powerfully and get what you want.

Session 3: Motivation – Identify your compelling reason(s) for change

The reason most new year’s resolutions fail is because the “why” behind them isn’t powerful enough. “Yes, I want to get fit, but not as much as I want to sleep in or have a donut for dessert every night.” Using a proven method of self-discovery, long used by the Toyota corporation and others, we’ll explore your big motivating “why” for changing your life.

Session 4: Habits – What will you stop, start and continue to get you to your new reality?

Many of the results in your life are not the product of your big decisions, but your daily thoughts, choices and actions. Imagine you hop on a plane in Seattle, USA, headed to Santiago, Chile, but the pilot is 1 degree off in his flight plan. You could end up in the middle of the ocean! To change your results, you need to identify what to do on a daily basis that will get you closer to the vision you have for yourself.

Session 5: Commit – Say yes to yourself

Learn to give yourself the same respect you give other people. You deserve to be loved, you deserve to be cared for, you deserve to have your needs prioritized and YOU DESERVE TO HAVE THE FUTURE YOU DESIRE. Make a commitment to YOU and watch everything else fall into place.

Go ahead. Invest in yourself and begin creating the future you want for yourself and your children.