Hey there single momma. Want to start a movement with me?

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👆 👆 👆 If this sounds like something you would love to be part of, let us know. When this is ready to go live (very soon!!), you’ll be in like Flynn!

I’m willing to stand out and be the lone nut for a bit if you’re willing to be the first follower. (Watch the 3 minute video to the left to see what I mean. And yes, you have 3 minutes no matter how busy you are).

I’m creating a space where each of us can be heard and understood, where we can find empathy and support, where we are nudged to grow so we can achieve our goals, where we are gifted the wisdom of those who are further along in the journey and where we offer our wisdom to those who are following behind us.

It’s a space where you get to focus on you and what you need to learn to create a life of happiness, contentment and success as you define it.

Here, you are so much more than the sum of your roles— mother, ex-wife, former girlfriend, daughter, sister, volunteer, whatever job title you wear, etc. We’ll help you see yourself. We’ll hold up the mirror and hold space for you to take it all in. Here, you have permission to be a hot mess while you figure out who you are, what you want and how you’re going to get it.

Let’s create a movement.
Let’s create a community.
Let’s support each other so we can all rise above our circumstances.
Let’s have some fun with this single parent gig.

More details coming soon!