There are so many great articles out there in the world and I love to not only be inspired by these myself but also to share so others can be inspired too!

Over time I’ll be building a collection of these articles on here, starting with this:

The Polish phrase that will get you through tough times, from BBC Travel

If you’re on LinkedIn, check out The Female Lead. Inspiring posts, amazing interviews and hope for the future.

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I LOVE this talk, The Art of Being Yourself, by Caroline McHugh. Not only do I just love the sound of her voice, but she has great stories to illustrate her points. You will rethink how you see yourself by the end.

While this story doesn’t have a fairy tale ending, I am so inspired by the determination of Brownie Wise, who succeeded at a time when it was tough to be a woman in business or a single mom and she was both!! What led to her success? Grit, determination, self-knowledge, belief in herself and empowering other women to succeed.