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You completed the 5-day training and now know the 5 foundational steps for transforming your life.

Are you ready to put that knowledge into practice?


MINDSET – Take control of your thoughts

We’ll explore what you believe about yourself, your circumstances and the other people in your life and root out unhelpful narratives that are holding you back. We’ll replace them with powerful new ones that both inspire and energize you.


VISION – Get clear on what you really want

You know when your kids runs up to you and tells you about this amazing idea they have for what they want to do when they get older or even next week? They have no idea HOW they’re going to do it. They’re just so excited about the idea. Yeah. We’re going to do some of that without letting your practical adult brain stonewall you. And we’re going to do it for every area of your life.


MOTIVATION – Identify your compelling reason(s) for change

The reason most new year’s resolutions fail is because the “why” behind them isn’t powerful enough. “Yes, I want to get fit, but not as much as I want to sleep in or have a donut for dessert every night.” Using a proven method of self-discovery, long used by the Toyota corporation and others, we’ll explore your big motivating why for changing your life.


HABITS – What behaviours will you stop, start and continue?

The little things you do on a daily basis have a huge impact on your results in life. So we’ll strategically asses your current habits, brainstorm the new habits that will serve as rocket fuel for your vision and form a plan to eliminate the habits that aren’t serving you.


COMMIT – Do the things your future self will thank you for

You’re no stranger to commitment. I mean, you have kids… But those beautifully frustrating little humans (among others) often prompt you to reneg on the commitments to yourself. Well, we’re going to do something about that. Because nothing should trump your needs and dreams: not your lover or your friends, not the entity that trades money for your labour, not even your mini me.

I hired Carmel to help me organize my thoughts around career interests. Not only was she incredibly helpful, but she easily helped me setup a clear action plan to create the career I want. I would highly recommend Carmel. She has a natural talent for coaching.

Cameron Hacault

Owner, Haland Learning Inc.

Carmel asks the powerful questions, and at the same time, is down-to-earth, kind and keeps things simple. I would say run, don’t walk, to work with her.

Robyn Post

Business Coach

Carmel is a smart, intuitive, and resourceful life coach; she asks curious and insightful questions – the type of questions that make you pause and think. She is my constant supporter and champion. With her coaching, I am no longer fearful of the changes I want to make, and am well on my way to living a more meaningful and purposeful life.

Patricia Chong

Manager, Planning and Policy, Vancouver Public Library


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